How Photos From A US$57,000 Camera With 150 Megapixels Look Like

If you can feel your stomach drop at the thought of purchasing a US$10,000 camera, consider what it might do if the price tag was raised to US$57,000.

US$57,000 can buy you a ‘Phase One XT’, a quirky-looking medium format camera that’s built for portability, similar to traditional premium performance field cameras.

It is also packed with 150 megapixels of resolution.

Reuben Wu, Phase One’s new ambassador, was tasked by the brand to test out the camera in Bolivia, which has “been at the top of my bucket list since forever,” the photographer said.

“I’d had this idea in my head of playing with drone light reflected on Bolivia’s salt flats covered with water,” Wu explained. “This image of the salt flats acting as a huge mirror and the light paths interacting with the landscape—that’s what I wanted to create.”

Wu also visited Altiplano, a 15,000-foot-high desert located at the south of Bolivia, where he snapped the famed ‘Salvador Dalí valley’.

Check out the camera’s impressive prowess without having to cough up tens of thousands of dollars yourself.