UNIQLO Launches Print Magazine That Spotlights Timeless Pieces, Travel Guides

Print definitely isn’t dead. UNIQLO enters the print territory for the first time with its new LifeWear magazine, launching in time for Fall/Winter 2019.

Each edition is designed to embody what “LifeWear” means to UNIQLO. Coined by the Japanese fashion retailer in 2013, the term represents its ethos on creating everyday wear that excels on quality, aesthetics and detail.

“We will unravel the words that seem difficult at first glance from various angles,” the company explains. “Such as [through] fashion stories and interviews. If you flip through this magazine, you may be able to understand ‘LifeWear’ a little [better].”

The free 120-page magazine will be published twice a year, under the direction of Takahiro Kinoshita, Fast Retailing’s creative director and former editor-in-chief of Japanese men’s fashion magazine POPEYE.

Its first issue follows a New Form Follows Function theme, which happens to be UNIQLO’s concept for its Fall/Winter 2019 garments, and features tennis champion Roger Federer, photo spreads of UNIQLO’s versatile pieces, illustrations as well as a Ho Chi Minh city guide.

About a million copies of the first issue have been printed in Japanese and English; the English copies will arrive in US locations in September. Meanwhile, you can preview the Japanese copy in the video below and browse the digitized English version here.