This Unusual Cafe In Japan Will Make You Feel Like You Stepped Into A Cartoon

Located in Shin Okubo district, the new pop-up coffee shop is called “2D Cafe”. Everything about it makes you feel like you’re in a comic book: starting from the entrance that has a retro feeling in it to well-decorated monochrome decor with white floors, walls, furniture, and other small details. Therefore, when you order a trendy bubble tea (now, you can actually find it in every corner in Japan) or a delicious dessert, the whole thing looks surreal and vivid as your eyes trick you into thinking whether it’s real.

Everyone knows how obsessed Japanese people are with comics and other animated things that bring you to another reality. T

his cafe should be one of the most visited cafes in Tokyo as it makes the real, three-dimensional world that we live in look like a flat illustration from a comic book. Let’s admit that we all would love to visit this two-dimensional world!