Spanish cyclist is rescued after trying to ride across Siberia in -58F temperatures after he is found suffering frostbite in thin ‘summer tent’

If driving a distance of 4000 km is already a challenge, then imagine if the goal is to do this in the freezing cold of minus 50 C of Siberia? Challenging nature, that would be what the Spanish José Andrés Abián would do, but in a short time things went very wrong. Early in the journey, when he was setting up the tent where he would spend the night, his fingers froze in just 3 minutes and the adventure had to be abandoned.

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The 48-year-old experienced cyclist has already crossed countries such as India, Nepal, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Pakistan, Jordan, and Mongolia but facing the Russian cold with a temperature that the human body is not accustomed to is another story.

Three residents took him to hospital in the town of Susuman, 248 miles (400 km) north of Magadan where he set off from earlier this month on his bicycle, as he was said to be suffering from frostbite to his hands.

Jose Pajares (centre) with two of the men who found him camped in a thin tent in -58F temperatures in Siberia


Mr Pajares was found in his thin tent and poked his head out to speak to three locals who found him on a mountain pass 


The cyclist will have to spend the New Year in the remote area of Siberia as there are no seats available on flights out of the region until January 

Mr Pajares (pictured), who documented on his blog his travels around the world on his bike, suffered frostbite to his hands and was taken to hospital