Some People Traveled To Japan And Realized They’re Too Tall For It

Perhaps it’s the geography of the country; the wide-open spaces of the Prarie, the vast cornfields in the midwest and the deserts of Nevada, Arizona, and Utah – Americans are comfortable with big. Big cars, big meals, big houses.

On the other side is Japan; 126 million people squeezed on to four main islands, with a total area 26 times smaller than the USA. The Japanese have learned to be economical with space – whether it be technology, houses or dioramas – which can be an issue when tall people visit the country. Heads are bumped on low doors, showers are too short, and train seats… well, it’s cozy put it that way.

This list,  shows the struggles of the lanky in this compact country, we’d recommend bringing a helmet if you’re over 6ft! Scroll down below to check out the list for yourself!

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