Smart Bed For Literal Netflix & Chill Ensures You Never Leave The House Again

Binge-watchers, are you irked about having to watch your favorite flicks through your tiny phone screen? Your dream bed might finally be here.

Designed by architect Fabio Vinella and Italian furniture label Hi-Interiors, the ‘HiBed’ brings a cinematic experience to your home with a 70-inch theater screen, an HD project, Wi-Fi connection, invisible speakers and a built-in sound system.

Sleepers can also block out distractions with the smart bed’s motorized blackout curtains and dimmable lighting, as well as adjust the mattress to their comfort.

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The “contemporary cocoon,” its inventors add, also monitors resters’ movements and is able to automatically tweak its temperature based on their preferred cooling or heating levels.

A “personalized concierge service” is available all day, and comprises a smart clock, traffic data and weather updates.

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There’s one more perk of the ‘HiBed’ that will prevent you from defaulting to sloth mode: health monitors to track biometric activity and weight.

Unfortunately, the next-level bed won’t come cheap, and will be priced at a minimum of US$13,800 when it hits the market next year. You can preorder it here.