Offices Are Moving To Parking Lots As Their New Working Spaces

When you hear jaded peers say they need a breath of fresh air from work, you wouldn’t expect them to mean exhaust fumes and the occasional honking. This, however, is the ideal work environment for some, but they have their reasons for the unusual choice.

A new office trend sweeping San Francisco has people shifting their working desks to parking lots. It’s coined ‘#WePark’, a play on the name of renowned coworking space provider WeWork.

By moving their work outdoors, the parking spaces’ human occupants just have to pay for vacating the lots, which typically amounts to US$2 or US$3 per hour. Additionally, they’ll be able to tap into the free Wi-Fi services provided by malls and public spaces.

Another great perk is having the same access to shops and facilities as people who live or work in expensive prime areas. San Francisco’s CBD, according to real estate company Cushman & Wakefield, calls for residents to pay up to a whopping US$84.16 of rent per square foot.

The ‘WePark’ movement was established by entrepreneur Victor Pontis, who told the BBC that he was inspired to relocate his work desk after someone suggested the concept on Twitter. Thinking it was “pretty funny,” he decided to put the idea to the test, and invited others to join him near City Hall when it proved to be conducive.

Fellow ‘WeParker’ Jean Walsh said that aside from maximizing the use of vacant parking zones, sharing her work area with others has fostered a “community feel.” People would bring donuts or flowers to brighten up the area; overall, they make working more “fun.”