McDonald’s Returns To 1955 To Celebrate Store Redesign

You can order McDonald’s menu items for as low as the prices people paid in 1955—but for one day only at one location.

A huge line is to be expected at McDonald’s at 16936 E. Shea Blvd, which is celebrating the completion of its redesign on 11 May by turning back time all the way to 1955 in terms of both pricing and atmosphere.

Customers can enjoy US$0.15 hamburgers from 11am to noon, US$0.19 cheeseburgers from noon to 1pm and French fries for US$0.10 cents from 1 to 2pm, according to the Fountain Hills Times.

In addition to the vintage prices, crew members and managers will be wearing 50s-themed McDonald’s uniforms to truly bring customers back to the yesteryears. The lucky first 50 customers who visit the restaurant from 11am onwards will also be getting coupons promising free value meals for a year.

If you would like to revel in a piece of McDonald’s vintage without heading down to the restaurant, check out this unused design pitch from 1973 that offers a glimpse of what the Golden Arches could have been.

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What if Unimark International did McDonald's packaging and signage? In 1973, Unimark did a series of studies of the McDonald's stores. The analyzed everything and interviewed employees, managers, and customers. One area they concentrated on was improving packaging and giving the signage in stores a consistent look. We have been digitizing the Unimark International records and found these images of what could have been! They found the apple pie packaging was universally loved, but questioned whether the McDonald's symbol should be on the trash cans. Also the uniforms were definitely not "exciting" enough. #design #modernism #unimark #mcdonalds #1970s #packaging #graphicdesign #designarchives #slides #fastfood #signage

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