Man’s Viral Footage Showing His ‘Private Jet’ Experience Is Not What It Seems…

A passenger who recently uploaded a video and claimed to have a “private jet experience” wasn’t quite what you thought it was.

Writer Vincent Peone, who was flying from Aspen, Colorado to Salt Lake City, Utah, uploaded a video claiming that he was the only passenger onboard the Delta Airlines flight. The clip showed him recording an empty cabin and the perks of being the only passenger onboard.

His video went viral on Twitter, racking up over 2 million views with many envious comments from social media users. The airline too actually replied to Peone’s tweet at the time, somehow confirming what had happened. “That looks like an awesome experience!” the airline wrote. “Thank you for the shoutout.”

However, a spokesperson for Delta Airplines told Washington Post that the flight never actually took off. While Peone did board the plane alone, Flight 3652 never departed.

According to Anthony Black, a spokesperson of Delta Airlines, the plane did make it to the runway, but was returned to the gate due to a maintenance issue. According to Washington Post, the aircraft departed afterwards, without any passengers on the flight.

Peone told ABC News that his video, which he called it “Director’s Cut,” was “100% true” however, he stopped recording when “the private jet broke down” and had to take another flight the next morning.

The video opened up with the flight attendant announcing “the only passenger” to board the plane. Peone began to marvel when he found out he was the only one on the flight, and even filming the ground crew adding sandbags to add weight to the plane. He sipped on a cool drink and even went to the cockpit to greet the pilots.