London Might Get 360° Infinity Pool, But ‘No-Exit’ Design

If you take a dive at something, you’ll do it with the hope that it opens a door to a reward. This new pool design, however, doesn’t seem to even have an exit.

The internet revelled at news that London might welcome the world’s first infinity pool with a 360-degree view, courtesy of swimming pool builder Compass Pools, but the amusement quickly simmered to concern when they discovered there might be no way in or out of the facility.

Resultado de imagem para Piscina infinita

The design is planned to crown a new building called Infinity London, and comprises a 159,000-gallon pool with all-clear walls and a transparent floor, allowing visitors of the 55-story structure to watch the swimmers and sky from below.

At present, the self-proclaimed “death-defying” pool is a concept, and its location has not been determined.

The barriers of the rooftop pool also be developed with cast acrylic instead of glass, such that they blend in with the waters they contain. “This material transmits light at a similar wavelength to water so that the pool will look perfectly clear,” the company reveals in a blog post.

Resultado de imagem para Piscina infinita

Even more freakily, concept images of the sky-high attraction show no ladder around or within the pool.

Players of The Sims can relate that removing an opening from a structure is a recipe for death.

Alex Kemsley, swimming pool designer and technical director of Compass Pools, details that the company was faced with a number of novel challenges when commissioned to design both the pool and the Infinity London building. Most notably, “how to actually get into the pool.”

While “a simple ladder” could solve the problem for a regular pool, the team did not want stairs to “spoil the view.” Further, climbing up and down a ladder could cause the 159,000 gallons of water within to “[drain] through the building.”

As such, Compass Pools imagined the door of a submarine, accompanied with a “rotating spiral staircase which rises from the pool floor” whenever someone wants to enter or leave the pool. He describes it as “the absolute cutting edge of swimming pool and building design, and a little bit James Bond to boot!”

Infinity London itself was designed for the pool, and not the other way around. The pool’s heating system is also conceptualized as sustainable, and touts a heating system that repurposes waste energy from the establishment’s air-conditioning.

If the proposal for Infinity London gets approved, construction will begin as early as 2020.