In this marathon the runners drink wine and eat cheese

The Marathon du Médoc takes place in Bordeaux, France, with a particularity: runners drink wine and eat cheeses during the race. The next edition is scheduled for September 7, but it is all sold out!

Only 8,500 places are offered annually for the race, with prices starting at 88 euros per person. At the time of registration, participants must provide a medical certificate.

Water breaks are common in marathons and exist to keep runners hydrated during the 42-mile race. However, some of these stops in Médoc offer wine, to refresh the moods. The winners of the women’s and men’s categories also take home the equivalent of their weight in wines. Not bad, is it?

This is not the only difference from this marathon to others. Here, athletes also run with costumes and there is even a prize for those with the best costume. This year’s theme is “superheroes”.