How to plan a bachelorette vacation

PLANNING A BACHELORETTE vacation needs to come with a lot of flexibility. Despite the varied options, however, there are foundational principles that apply to any girls trip overseas. From choosing the destination to implementing the organizational systems required for group travel, this practical guide provides the key tips to planning an overseas bachelorette party successfully.


The choice of destination will come down to group interest, and the practicality of where the group can go within the time available, but when making the choice there are important factors to consider.


Everyone has different ideas about what’s affordable, and because this will determine the boundaries in which the trip can be planned, it’s important to establish the budget from the outset. You don’t want to put anyone in an uncomfortable situation where they’ll resent spending the money or won’t be able to come at all. And if people can’t come on the trip due to finances or obligations at work or home. Destination bachelorette parties are a lot to ask from everyone, and you should try to be understanding if people can’t swing it.


Bachelorette parties are often characterized by wild dares and a surprising array of items made to resemble body parts, but those phallic-shaped straws can’t be taken everywhere. Ideals of modesty and discretion differ across cultures, and some cultures don’t drink or serve alcohol. The only thing “wild” about staging that kind of party in a conservative culture is that it would be wildly inappropriate. Additionally, in some places, it could spell trouble with local authorities.



It’s not unheard of for travelers to turn up to a destination known for its sunny days to find they’ve arrived in the rainy season. While weather can’t be guaranteed, research can minimize the risk of disappointing weather.


Organizing a group is a tough task on any day. Throw in some overseas travel and a bachelorette party itinerary, and it becomes a bonafide challenge. Establishing ground rules, implementing effective organizational systems, and preparing for potential obstacles will be the key to success.

No confusion – put everything in writing.

Everyone has agreed upon the dates and destination; now, the planning begins. Clear communication from the outset is paramount. In a central place that everyone can access — whether it’s a Facebook group, a WhatsApp group message, or an email thread — put into writing the details that have been decided upon and continue using this method for ongoing communication. If anyone down the track questions the details of the plan or there is conflict over what has been discussed, people can be referred back to what is in writing.

Delegate tasks

Give tasks to people who will be good at them. This helps alleviate the workload and includes others into the planning process, giving them a sense of involvement and ownership. In might seem counterproductive to relinquish control, but people who feel invested in something have a greater interest in its success.

Priority checklist

With the tasks ahead there needs to be a checklist. Who will be in charge of the wine? Did someone get those gold balloons? What about the cupcakes? While these tasks are important, others are even more critical.

Bachelorette ideas and games: travel edition

Now, for the fun stuff. There is no shortage of bachelorette ideas swimming around the internet and plenty of ways to put a travel twist on them. To get started, here are some ideas that can provide some memorable moments unique to the overseas bachelorette.

  • Learn the local marriage customs. Get talking to the locals. What are their wedding and pre-wedding customs? Can they suggest something you might be able to do while here in their country?
  • Learn a skill from the locals to take back home. Take a cooking class specializing in the local cuisine or a local craft.
  • Best travel bride. Have everyone randomly swap suitcases (by putting a name in a hat or sitting in a circle and giving their suitcases to the person on the right). Using the contents of their new suitcase, each person must build a bridal outfit. Vote for the best.
  • Find some honeymooners. Get a photo with them and ask them for a piece of their most valuable advice regarding the wedding day.
  • Find that something new. They say every bride on her wedding day should have something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. What better souvenir is there to buy on a bachelorette trip overseas?