‘Fridges’ That Turn Out To Be Bathroom

Some doors unexpectedly lead to Narnia. Others take you straight to the lavatory.


A hilarious clip of a Chinese man’s experience at a restaurant’s restroom has made its rounds online due to its wholly unusual décor. The bathroom of the eatery in Dalian City, Liaoning Province, seems to be an ideal chilling spot—it’s got refrigerators.

Resultado de imagem para opening refrigerator door

The customer might have wondered if he was led to the restaurant’s cold storage instead of the toilet, but his speculations were denounced the moment he opened one of the “fridge’s” doors.

Despite appearing like Pepsi-branded commercial refrigerators, they turned out to be the doors of… urinals.

Likewise, the openings of a double-door fridge turned out to be privacy barriers for a toilet cubicle.

“I come to use the toilet, [but] how can I? This is a fridge!” the man remarked.

Cool or bad design? You decide.