Floating Tent Idea Leaves Internet Confused & Terrified: ‘What Could Go Wrong?’

Some ideas sound incredible until they’re put to paper, or in this case, until they’ve tested the water.

Twitter users are balking at a video, posted by Mashable, of an inflatable tent made for the waters. The product, called the ‘Shoal Tent’, was invented by fishing gear and watercraft firm SmithFly Designs, and is described to be the “world’s first floating tent.”

The clip comes with the caption, “Why camp by a river when you can camp on one?”

Social media users have numerous reasons in mind, such as alligator attacks, the possibility that the contraption could tip over a waterfall, and that campers could “have no f**king clue where [they] are when [they] wake up.”

“What could possibly go wrong?” one viewer ponders. Another morbidly asks, “Why simply observe a majestic waterfall when you can go hurdling over it in a nylon coffin?”

Nevertheless, the creator of the tent insists that, “The world is your water bed.”