First Look At Kanye West’s ‘Star Wars’-Inspired Dwellings For The Homeless

Last month, Kanye West confirmed that he was planning on building housing for the homeless. The prefabricated dwellings take inspiration from the structures of Star Wars’ desert planet ‘Tatooine’, he described, and are built with affordability in mind.

Early images of the ‘YEEZY Home’ prototypes have since been captured by TMZ, with additional stunning aerial shots taken by The photos were taken at the Calabasas Hills, California home of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

The structures, which mark West’s first architecture project, are shown to be of varying shapes and sizes. The domes are covered with wooden lattice, with lightwells at the top that allow natural lighting to pour in.

Unfortunately, the project could be on standstill because West has reportedly been instructed by the Los Angeles County Department of Works to tear down the mockups; neighbors have complained about being awaken by construction noises late at night.

While West claims that the prototypes are temporary, an investigation reveals that they were erected on concrete foundations, which could mean otherwise. He has thus purportedly been asked to register for a building permit or disassemble the domes within 45 days.