Find Out Which Cities Are Best To Live In

In a recent study done by The Economist Intelligence Unit, cities in United Kingdom and the United States have not made it to the ‘top five best cities to live in’ list.

Based on the Global Livability Report, the top spot is clinched by the beautiful Vienna, due to a rise in the city’s “stability category ratings.” Melbourne, a city that usually made it to first place, has been dropped to second place.

The third, forth and fifth places are taken up by Sydney, Osaka and Calgary (a city in Canada) respectively. Factors that determine the status include healthcare, education and infrastructure, culture and environment, and stability.

Many Australian cities made it to the prestigious list this year, with Adelaide being the tenth in line and Perth at 14th. Unfortunately for London and New York, despite their reputations as world-class cities, were given the rather average ranking of 48th and 58th respectively for livability.

Meanwhile, cities that are found at the bottom of the list include Damascus, Syria, Lagos, Nigeria, Dhaka, Bangladesh and Tripoli, Libya.

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Have you been to Vienna? | Vienna has been named the world's most liveable city, according to an annual report from the Economist. For the second year in a row, the Austrian capital came ahead of Melbourne, which had held the top ranking for seven years until losing it to Vienna in 2018. The Economist Intelligence Unit report also put Sydney, Osaka and Calgary in the top five. Each year the EIU gives 140 cities scores out of 100 on a range of factors such as living standards, crime, transport infrastructure, access to education and healthcare, as well as political and economic stability. Vienna is known for its convenient public transport, refreshing Alpine tap water and varied cultural life. It scored 99.1 points out of 100, as it did last year. Europe claimed eight of the top 20 spots, with cities in Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Canada making up the rest. Image: Joe Klamar/AFP/Getty

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