Female Urinals Are Here To Shorten Lines Outside Public Toilets

Architects Gina Périer and Alexander Egebjerg have designed ‘Lapee’, a female urinal created to cut down long lines at toilets during outdoor festivals or events.

The product was first used at the 2019 Roskilde Festival in Denmark, which touted 130,000 attendees. Three female urinals are installed in a spiral form, along with backrests, inside a bright pink plastic structure.

Périer told that females have to be covered “from front and back” so it has to be a urinal that is “intimate enough for people to pee, but it has to be not too intimate.”

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The units do not have doors, but users will not be able to look inside each chamber due to the height of the walls. They are also raised “60 centimeters (24 inches) above the ground,” so women will not feel as “vulnerable” as being at “eye level” with those in line.

Furthermore, the facility allows for waste to be collected in a 1,100-liter (291-gallon) tank so it can be recycled into fertilizer eventually.

 Lapee female urinal by Gina Périer and Alexander Egebjerg

‘Lapee’ is constructed from recyclable polyethylene, a hardwaring plastic that is durable and can be cleaned up easily by spraying water from hoses.

The designers hope that eventually, their unique creations can also be used in refugee camps or disaster relief sites, where clean and easily-accessible toilets might be lacking.

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