Father who lost his job now spends his days climbing mountains and roaming the snowy Norwegian wilderness with his three-year-old daughter

Meet the father and his three-year-old daughter who spend their days climbing mountains and roaming across the Norwegian wilderness.

Alexander Read, 33, lost his job at the beginning of year but decided to turn his misfortune into a travelling opportunity with his then two-year-old daughter, Mina.


And since March, the duo has spent time traversing snow, ice and rock, trekking 310 miles across almost all of southern Norway.

Alexander, a former soldier, has been towing 40kg of regular mountaineering provisions behind him – such as food, fuel and a tent – and other less-conventional, but still vital, supplies for his pint-sized accomplice including nappies, story books and a pink princess kit.

The pair have spent nearly five months of 2018 in the great outdoors, and at just three years old, Mina has already conquered one of Norway’s biggest mountains, Mt. Snøhetta, standing at a staggering 7,500ft.

Hoping to continue his adventures with Mina for a long time yet, Alexander is also excited by the prospect of another child joining the team come January.

Alexander, who graduated with a masters from the University of Manchester, said: ‘I’ve been hiking in the mountains for as long as I can remember – my mom took me out on trips when I was a young boy.

‘That’s where the foundation was built for what would become a strong interest and hobby, before becoming part of my family’s way of living.

Mina’s first outdoor experience was when she was five weeks old, and her mom and I took her hunting in the mountains.

‘Ever since then, Mina and I have embarked on several expeditions and long hiking trips in the mountains – sometimes for two months at a time.

‘I never decided to introduce the mountains to Mina, it was as natural as breathing.

‘Mountains are a part of my life, so when Mina was born, she became part of that world automatically.

‘It’s amazing to watch your daughter outdoors in the mountains and see how playful, happy and present she is.

‘She has already learned so much about [the world] just by being outdoors.

When you see Mina walking on big rocks – which can be slippery – you can see that she is analysing her surroundings and the surface of the rocks in order not to fall.

‘She can even point up at a mountainside and say: “Daddy, we cannot go there because an avalanche may start.”

‘Obviously she has a lot to learn, but so do I.

‘That’s what I really enjoy about the outdoor and adventure life, you’ll never be finished with your learning process no matter how much time you spend in the mountains.’

Alexander’s fiancée, Kristin, a full-time surgeon, rarely joins the duo on their lengthy trips away.

But she does make the occasional cameo appearance dropping off additional supplies to their various checkpoints.

Currently expecting with their second child, Alexander has already planned an excursion for their newest addition in May next year.

Alexander added: ‘Kristin is amazing – she takes my dreams seriously and make all of this possible to do this as a family.

‘We will never stop [adventuring as a family].

‘As Mina gets older we will have to consider her school, but for now this will be what we do.

‘It’s now a lifelong project to live an adventure.’