Cozy, Spacious Cinema Swaps Seats For ‘VIP Bedrooms,’ Sofas & Warm Slippers

You might have decided not to go to the cinema anymore, instead of remaining in the comforts of your own bed. However, it seems like Cinema Pathé in Spreitenbach is offering you the best of both worlds.

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The theater’s ‘VIP Bedroom’ opened last week, with 11 double beds replacing the usual chairs. VIP ticket holders will be given food and drinks without having to line up, and are handed warm slippers for their time there, all for the price of £37 (US$36.65).

According to Swiss news outlet 20 Minuten, the creative concept will include beds with sheets and two pillows.

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For those who prefer sofas, they can opt for the ‘VIP Lounge’ with single and double sofas instead.

More than just the comfort, there is also the posh factor, with electronic headboards and bedside tables to hold wine glasses. All sheets will be changed after each screening so customers do not have to be concerned about any hygiene issues.

Besides the adult VIP rooms, there is also a kids’ version with bean bags instead of beds, as well as a ball pit and a slide that can be used instead of stairs, sounding more fun than the adult version.

Venanzio Di Bacco, the cinema’s CEO, has announced that the cinema wishes to offer customers “something innovative.”

The results are tempting, especially with the addition of waffles and crêpes to the menu on top of all that. Perhaps it is time to pack your bags and take on a new movie experience in Switzerland.