Chefs Turn Sweden Into A Restaurant That You Can Reserve Online

Sweden is turning its whole country into a restaurant.

Visit Sweden’s latest campaign sees the country being listed as a “restaurant” on where people can experience dining out on foraged ingredients.

Created by media company Prime Weber Shandwick, ‘The Edible Country’ is a one-of-kind restaurant where visitors whipped up a nine-course menu themselves, using instructions designed by four Swedish Michelin-starred chefs—Titti Qvarnström, Niklas Ekstedt, Jacob Bjuhr and Anton Holmström—made of ingredients found in the Swedish nature.

Together with the menu, Visit Sweden has also displayed wooden tables in various locations listed on

Once a reservation has been made, that visitor will have access to rent the kitchen, together with contact details of a local guide that is able to answer any queries before their arrival. They can then prepare the dishes from the menu using the tools provided in the kitchen kit.

Visit Sweden’s chief experience officer Jennie Skogsborn Missuna said Sweden is filled with edible ingredients and would like to invite people to enjoy them while winding down at the same.

Using the menu provided by chefs, this is a new experience for visitors to explore Sweden and at the same time transform nature into gourmet foods themselves.

The Menu is available on their website, as well as your recipes.


Example of recipe:

A pot of water being poured over some edible plants on a bench in the forestForest broth, poached perch and broiled herb butter.

4 servings

Clean spring water
1 kg of mushrooms
4 perches (alternatively pike)
1 litre of mixed herbs such as:
Ground elder
Sweet cicely
Field pennycress

A handful of lingonberries or rowan berries
100 g of butter*
100 g of salt

*Vegan butter can be used.

How to do it

  1. Fillet the perch and remove the bones. Add salt and put aside while preparing the rest.
  2. Rinse and pick all the wild herbs and berries, save the stems for the broth.
  3. Grill all bones and remainders from the perch and place in a boiling-pot. Fill with mixed mushrooms, stems from the herbs, and cover with fresh spring water. Boil up over an open fire and let simmer until it’s time to serve. Salt to taste and sip into the coffee pot. Keep boiling hot.
  4. Brown the butter. When the butter is brown take it to the side and let it cool a bit. Using a mortar and pestle – grind some of the herbs and juniper berries (if you have any) to a pesto-like texture. Add the brown butter and mix to a decent smooth herb butter.
  5. Cut the salted perch in thin slices.
  6. In a bowl or cup, first put in the perch, then the butter and finish with all picked herbs.
  7. Set the bowls and add the boiling broth so that the fish is quickly cooked.

Vegetarian alternative: Leave out the fish.