Adam Levine puts his mansion on sale for $ 47.5 million

Maroon 5 vocalist, Adam Levine, set up his home in Beverly Hills, California, for $

Employees of Jamie Oliver’s restaurant fired through email

Employees already dismissed from the network restaurants of Jamie Oliver knew about the loss of

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It will be Illegal now Text While Crossing the Street in New York City

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Hong Kong Ballet Turns Its City Into One Vivid Stage For 40th Anniversary Shoot

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Easter Island Statues Damaged By Tourists Who Pick Their Noses For Selfies

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Eiffel Tower Closes Because Of Rogue Climber, Announces When It Will Reopen

Eiffel Tower was forced to close due to a middle-aged man’s attempt to scale the 900-foot

London will create flowers corridor of 11 km for bees

Bees are considered the most important living beings on the planet, however, they are dying