An Entire Village Lives At The Top Of A Mall In Indonesia

A whole suburban village can oddly be found on top of a shopping mall in the city of Jakarta in Indonesia.

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Cosmo Park is located on the rooftop parking lot of a 10-story building. The ordinary-seeming village sits strangely among the city landmarks, which makes some question why it was built there in the first place. Could it be an ingenious idea to tackle the overcrowding crisis in Jakarta, or is it a sign of unequal living standards?

Cosmo Park was erected 10 years ago by Indonesian property developer Agung Podomoro Group, but only gained popularity when a photographer captured a drone image and broadcasted it to the world.

Twitter user @shahrirbahar1 shared the image online, which shows multiple two-story units situated atop the high-rise building, sticking out from its urban surroundings.

His photo was retweeted over 20,000 times, with many questioning the isolated development. However, tenants have given the property glowing reviews.

According to one resident, Indri Lestari, her dwelling feels like a “real house” instead of an apartment. Lestari moved to the village with her husband and son three months ago, remarking that she enjoys not having any street food carts roam around the area as her son will be able to play freely in the vicinity.

Check out some photos of the surprising “village in the sky” below.