Airbnb ‘Room’ Of What Looks Like ‘Harry Potter’s Space Under Stairs Goes Viral

A traveler got quite the surprise after she found out that her Airbnb “room” in Brooklyn was really a cupboard under a flight of stairs.

London travel blogger Zoe filmed the space, asking followers to “Check out my Airbnb room in Brooklyn” in her video’s caption.

The clip shows a tiny rectangular space that fits only an inflatable camping mattress, pillow and a duvet, reminiscent of Harry Potter’s room in the household of the ‘Dursleys’. In addition, Zoe shared that the area did not have a power socket.

The accommodation is labeled ‘Economy Brooklyn Space for your NYC Adventure!’ on Airbnb, and has been rated highly by other travelers with an average score of 4.29 out of five. At just US$27 a night, Zoe expected it to be a “tiny room/closet” but “it looked even more ridiculous in person.”

She later updated her followers that the mattress she was given was quite hard, and thought it might “crack her back.” She reported her sheets and pillows to be pretty dirty as well. Thankfully, she brought her sleeping bag liner along, which turned out to be a lifesaver.

The video of the room has gone viral online, garnering multiple comments from social media users.

“Did you get an owl and an acceptance to ‘Hogwarts’?” one Twitter user teased. Jokes aside, Joe stressed that she was alright with the overall setting of the accommodation.

Zoe also met up with the host and found that he usually did the cleaning for the room. Unfortunately, he was out of town before she checked in, and the man placed in charge of housekeeping didn’t show up.

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